Soon enough, life will get busy again with extra-curricular activities, family commitments in the evenings and packed weekends running errands.

While there’s still some extra time in the evenings, consider going back to school yourself. 

Keep an eye on the Masterclass Facebook page. Every week the company offers a free live class with one of their celebrity teachers. Earlier in April Neil deGrasse Tyson taught a science class. There was a free class on home décor this past week. Otherwise an annual membership for unlimited classes costs $240 US. 

Websites such as CourseraUdemy, and Skillshare offer a broad range of online courses that will teach you valuable skills at your own pace. Courses take as little as a few weeks to complete and cost anywhere from $20 to $200. Harvard University even offers a selection of free online courses that are available to anyone. 

Some popular online course topics include:

Business and management concepts and strategies
Keep up to date with the latest market trends and management strategies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and strategies
Understanding SEO is essential to maximize your digital presence and business’ online traffic. 

Learn to build your own website or mobile app. 

For those more interested in acquiring a full degree, they can be earned through Coursera in association with various fully accredited universities over one to three years. However, the price of these degrees ranges drastically from as cheap as $20 up to $25,000.

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