After 35 years in ag, FMC Account Manager Ron Jones has finally found a good use for old chloroplast field signs.

You’ve seen it on the news around the world — people in cities thanking frontline healthcare workers by honking horns, clapping, flashing lights.

FMC families are cheering on healthcare workers in their own way. Krista Henry and her girls posted some hearts to their living room window. 

In Regina, people have been making hearts and posting them in their windows to both show support for nurses and doctors. The hearts also give kids something to count as they are out for family walks during Covid-19.  

Seeing this community spirit gave Ron an idea. He rummaged around in his garage and found some old signs. He cut out a template of a heart and used marker paint to spray paint hearts on his driveway. 

The marker paint will disappear eventually but hopefully not before some brave healthcare workers feel encouraged.

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