We’ve heard from a number of you that getting growers to sign contracts is a big hurdle considering the demands for social distancing. E-signatures might help.

Real estate agents have been using e-signatures in contracts for years. Customers type with a keyboard or sign with their finger on a mobile phone in the fields created in the document by the agent.

E-signatures are legally binding in nearly every industrialized nation. Retailers could start creating documents with e-signatures right away.

There are software services you can use to create e-signatures in existing documents:

·     If you’re already printing your contracts as PDFs using Adobe Acrobat, you might have the capability of adding e-signatures already. It’s as easy as clicking on “Fill and Sign” in the toolbar on the right side and dragging and dropping a box where you want a signature. Click here for a video that explains how in more detail.

·     DocuSign (you can sign and send for free for the first 30 days)

·     PandaDoc (excellent reviews from Salesforce team-based businesses)

·     Secured Signing (least expensive)

Getting e-signatures on documents looks like it might be one of the changes to business that sticks after covid-19 is a distant memory.

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