Seth Godin is arguably one of the brightest minds in marketing. He’s known for provoking mind shifts with his courses, books and newsletters.

In his latest book, This is Marketing, Godin takes a 1,000-ft view, describing how true marketing isn’t just selling products but rather creating a culture.

By changing culture marketers can make big changes happen. He challenges his readers to shift their approach from “How can I convert leads into sales?” to “What change do I seek to make?”.

Godin also explains that effective marketing is directed towards the smallest viable audience – the people who gain the most value – instead of a broad, mass message.

The book is rife with insights including his suggestion to focus on building new things for your existing customers, rather than racing around trying to find new customers for your things.

It’s a worthwhile read, even if just to separate your thoughts from the tactic level to the overarching reason for being in business. You can also sign up for Seth’s daily blog feed for quick thought starters.

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