Just kidding!!!
WORK THE SCHEDULEUse a schedule to your advantage. Post it on the fridge with designated blocks of time for work. Be more flexible with your day. Maybe that means go hard in the morning but hold afternoons lightly when you take the kids outside to blow off steam. It might take 16-hours to work an 8-hour day.
USE DEVICES TO YOUR ADVANTAGEIf you leave the kids to their devices 24-hours a day or make watching the Disney channel a free-for-all, you might end up with some meltdowns once the appeal of screen-time wears off. Keep screen time in your back pocket for those times when you have to be on an important call.
GO OLD SCHOOLCrack open the Crayolas and get a colouring party going. Or send the kids away for an hour with the assignment of building a toy boat that will float in the tub using craft supplies. Challenge them to build a fort in the basement and then join them in it for lunch. Let the kids be creative while you work.
AUDIOBOOKSAudiobooks can help a kid appreciate storytelling even before they can read. Audible.ca has a whole category of books for kids. A good audiobook can extend a playtime session by an extra hour.
SIDEWALKCHALKNo kid can resist it…providing it warms up for some of you…and you have sidewalks.

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