The FMC product line will be ready for you when you need them in the field this spring.  

Running logistics is hard under these conditions where travel restrictions seem to tighten every day. But our team is up to the challenge.

Our product supply chain is in good shape. Even before covid-19 hit China in late 2019, the FMC team was creating a supply chain that is more impervious to outside shocks.

Our regulatory team has secured an essential workforce designation for our FMC team from the proper authorities. That means we are able to move freely around the countryside serving customers when necessary. That doesn’t mean we’ll be dropping by your office as we’re practicing rigorous social distancing as much as you are. But when spring hits, we’ll be there when you need us.

Other things we’re doing:

  • Closely monitoring production schedules and adjusting resources as necessary.
  • We aren’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to our supply chain considering how travel restrictions seem to change almost daily
  • Our relationships with our transportation companies was good and we’re making sure communication lines are open, even with the reality of social distancing
  • Procuring protective equipment and shipping it from one FMC location to another as conditions warrant

Despite this challenging climate we remain confident in the teams who are working to maintain business operations and keep employees safe. 

Our Calgary Site team has been working six days a week to keep on schedule. These are challenging times for those in logistics but we’re ready.

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